The World Will Not End.

The easiest way to sell a new belief is to first make people very afraid. We see it everyday from the news medias to spirituality. Make them afraid not to believe it, or buy it.

The world is in a frame of fear right now on so many fronts, that many wonder why they are even getting up, going to school or work. Why get into a relationship, fall in love, why do anything.

In the past there have been doomsday dates aplenty. Now we have 2012, after 2000 was a bust. New years came and went, and life went on. I believe 2012 will see some Earth changes due to astronomical changes in the Universe, not because we are creating our demise. The Earth is a living organism, and all living organism change as they age and mature. Yet the Earth is Human freindly.

There is nothing in the prophecies of the Mayans that says the Earth will end in the near future, nothing. But do not allow yourself to be fooled even by the most ‘ spiritual ‘ of teachers. There is beneath the spiritual business a fear based marketing. Just like a government that keeps their people in fear to control them, religion and spirituality have the same undercurrent of fear, and they themselves may not even be fully aware of it.

I am fifty six years old, most people I know this age are very set in their ways and beliefs. Yet young people are lost, because they are looking at futures without much to look at, except war, global warming, economic disasters, and doomsday spiritual teachings.

So why is it this way?

Why do most of the worlds population allow themselves to be controlled by such a small minority ? In short why does the penny control the whole dollar? I think its because we have been taught since birth that we are essentially stupid. That the ‘ common man ‘ has not the intelligence to decide what is best for them, what is going to make them happy, and that they cannot achieve it unless the are told how.

In my book ” Beyond The Moment ” the characters refuse to let themselves be dictated to, to allow themselves to be controlled by anything but themselves and all the intelligence they were born with, like yourself. Yes, like yourself.

The book represents a co-operative effort between the young and the old for a common purpose, the enhancement of themselves and life based on the unique idea that they themselves can create this without anything but the genius they are born with. Again, like yourself.

Once you realize how enormous your ability’s are from just your biology, you will become a controlling forces worst nightmare, a Human Being that does not need to rebel or resist control, but just walk away from it.

I will be writing more articles on this in this blog, because I am writing about – you. I don’t need to know you personally to know that you will be here long after 2012 and living in a world you choose to be in.


A Manual For Now.

y Sally A. Davis (Ohio) – See all my reviews

This book feels like it has flowed out of the author’s mind and heart with no hesitation. The ideas presented are new and yet old. For those on the spiritual path, it is knowledge that we know in our souls. For those unfamiliar with the energy concept, this is a good tool to learn a different way for life to evolve. This novel gets your mind and imagination working together to solve many of life’s mysteries and perhaps to question life and it’s meaning.

can’t wait for the movie,

October 23, 2007

Pictures played out in my head as I read this novel. Hollywood you’ve got a money maker. Subtle images combined with flashing energy. Beware oh yea fundamentalists your foundations are shaking. This novel engages the mind on several levels. The simple is complex, the complex simple. Can you handle the expanding truth. Norm

Tracy Togliatti “Tracy Morrow”See all my reviews
(REAL NAME) Beyond the Moment is much more than a stunningly entertaining novel. It is a statement of things to come for those that are open to new paradigms of reality.

The characters in this book are compelling and a reader will quickly find themselves falling in love with them. You will find yourself hanging onto every twist and turn these characters go through to the very end, and just might find yourself with white knuckles as you hold the book in anticipation of what’s next.

Beyond the entertainment and educational value that this book offers, it’s the way I felt when I was reading it that left me wanting more. This book validates many ways of thinking and explains so much of what many are struggling with today. I feel this is a must read for older teen-agers and retirees and everyone in between.

Kathleen Tree Osorno “Kat” (Nacogdoches, TX) – See all my reviews

I know a good author when I forget that I am reading words on a page & become entranced…very, very well done!!!!

Your writing is wonderful!…. I find my self slowing down to savor the way you play with words, your style of writing has an interesting cadence to it. You don’t waste any time getting to the point of what you are talking about. Well paced! You are a natural storyteller!

Very thought provoking. This is much the way I see things altho I’m sure it will challenge others. Very articulate & things are expressed well. I felt the story & writing are the vehicle to convey more than simply the words on the page. I am sure that when I go off to my dreams I will continue with these thoughts. There is much to think about here.

I pictured something along the lines of Dan Millman’s work or the Celestine Prophecies. What you have written is most definitely in that league. I find your writing quite compelling…

I’ll be waiting for the sequel!

IshenWarri I. (89)
Monday November 19, 2007, 6:49 pm
This book is one of the few very special books I have read.

As the author said, its categorized as fiction. However, there is hints in the book about skills and gifts that some people already is aware of and sometimes is using in this time.

So in some ways this book is telling about something that has already started on some levels, and it will be more and more visible with time.

I recommend to read this book very much.